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For over 15 years Vidrin.com has provided our customers address thier needs with discrete and professional service.


Pfizer Viagra®

Known worldwide as "The Blue Pill", Viagra® is the medication that rebooted the sexual revolution.

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Lilly Cialis®

Cialis® and Cialis For Daily Use ™ have grown in popularity over the years due to it's exteneded half-life.

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Bayer Levitra®

Not to be outshined Levitra® offers quicker onset with a half-life comparable with Cialis®.

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Save Money With These Generic and Compundeded Medication


Generic Sildenafil

Now Availble in the US, 100mg generic sildenafil citrate offer the equivilent to Viagra® at half the price.

Sildenafil Troches

These Sildenafil Softtab Troches dissolve under your toungue for both easy of use and a quicker onset time.


Tadalafil Troches

Enjoy the benefilts of Tadalfil (the active ingredient in Cialis®) with these disolvable softtab troches.

Vardenafil Troches

Enjoy the benefilts of Vardenafil (the active ingredient in Levitra®) with these disolvable softtab troches.


Sildenafil Capsules

Looking for flexibility in dosage without pill splitting? These 55mg Sildenifl SR Capsules are just for you.

Tadalafil Capsules

Similar to the Sildenafil Capsules these 12mg Tadalafil SR Capsules offer you the flexibility to moderate your dosage.


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